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Message from Pastors

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Worship God
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We have a vision to be the church that Jesus Christ is building in the world today. Our desire is to please God in all that we do to bring the glory of God in the Earth.

We believe that as we build strong families that we will build a strong church. We are a family ministry church, with ministries that help to keep the biblical structure of families strong. We provide counseling for the healing of dysfunctional families.

We believe in the freedom of the Holy Spirit in all of our Ministries and Meetings.

We have a strong prayer ministry of intercessory prayer through Sunshine Ministries, founded by Pastor Sun Fannin in 1985. Pastor Larry Fannin also travels with Sunshine Ministries.

Worship is a vibrant spiritual time where we exalt Jesus Christ as Lord and celebrate His goodness.

We believe in team ministry and that the blessings of the Lord flow out of a strong, united, church body, committed to hearing the following the Head of Church, the Lord Jesus Christ.


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  1. corey shepherd /

    Thank you Pastor Larry and Pastor Sun for everything you do!!

  2. magdalens /

    Sun Fanin your ministry God bless both of you

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